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Online Classes (LIVE Classes and Pre-Recorded Classes) will soon be available on – please send me an e-mail via the Contact-Us Page on if you are interested in those Online Classes, so I can contact you once I’m going live with the first classes. Thanks Martin

IMPORTANT: Contact us before making a payment to check availability ( click here for our Contact page ).

I’m currently processing all online-payments through my partner website.
Please go to
STEP (1) for online payments
STEP (2) Click on the relevant class on the timetable
STEP (3) Scroll down to the bottom of the relevant page
_________ and you should see various blue online-card-payment buttons.  
Pilates Classes — (2) One-to-One or Buddy Pilates —  (3) Gift Vouchers

1. Pilates Classes in South Dublin, D14, D16, D18:

2. One-to-One or Two-to-One / Partner / Buddy Pilates in South Dublin, D14, D16, D18:
Please call for information re One-to-One Pilates outside of the Dublin 14, Dublin 16 and Dublin 18 area.
One-to-One Pilates or Partner / Buddy Pilates prices vary, depending on location and commuting time and range from €50 to €75 per hour.

3. Gift Vouchers