Coronavirus – Message for users of Taney Parish Centre re: Covid-19 Virus

Online Classes (LIVE Classes and Pre-Recorded Classes) will soon be available on – please send me an e-mail via the Contact-Us Page on if you are interested in those Online Classes, so I can contact you once I’m going live with the first classes. Thanks Martin

Monday 8th March 2020
Please note that all classes/meetings in Taney Parish Centre will continue to take place, subject to any change in advice from the Health Authorities.

It is important that all those entering the Centre use the hand sanitizers adjacent to the entrance doors, halls and meeting rooms.  Alternatively, they should wash their hands regularly and thoroughly in the washrooms.

Please advise all your customers or members (and their parents, where appropriate) that should they have any cold or flu-like symptoms, (cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, high temperature).  They should not come to the Parish Centre.

Please emphasise to your customers that if they come to the centre with Covid-19 they are putting the vulnerable members of the Centre community at risk and also it may result in the Centre having to be closed for an unknown period of time.

Anyone who may have been in contact with any person who has been tested for, or diagnosed with, a condition related to the Covid-19 Virus should also stay at home.

Any further update will be sent to by text or email.

Please ensure that this notice is communicated to all members of your organisation (and their parents – where applicable).

Thank you for your co-operation.
T.  (Taney Parish Centre – Manager)