Online – Virtual Home Personal Training & Personal Coaching Small Group Training in South Dublin in June 2021

Online & Virtual Pilates Ćlasses are ongoing in June 2021.
We re-start our local In-Person South Dublin Classes - once Covid-19 restrictions allow.
In the meantime ....
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Below more general information about our Home – Small Group (2-4 max.) and One-to-One, Private Personal Training sessions. You can view Martin’s personal training website at (Martin Luschin), where he offers other *Online* and *Offline / In-Person* Exercise, Fitness and Health Services.
This service is available in Dublin 14, D14, Dublin 16, D16 and Dublin 18 and surrounding areas or in areas south Dublin e.g. Shankill, Greystone, Bray etc., as I live in Leopardstown Heights since 2008.

  1. Home – Small Group (2-4 max) – Private or One-to-One Personal Training can help you with
  2. Pilates – Benefits for Athletes and individuals involved in competitive sports
  3. Why Home Small Group or One-to-One Personal Training 
  4. Your Initial Consultation
  5. Martin professional background

1. Home –  Personal Training can help you with e.g.:

Getting Fitter, Leaner and Stronger
Toning and Firming Up
ackling certain Back Issues
Reducing Stress Levels and Boosting Mental Focus
Getting a Leaner Body
Increasing your Mobility – Flexibility
Learn about healthy eating, diet and nutrition (since June 2016)   
Taking the guess-work out of fitness, health and well being 

We provide advice, assistance, experience and encourage you to keep the exercises up after the Personal or Small Group sessions are completed. This is the only way that you really benefit from any kind of exercise. It is a gradual lifestyle change you are aiming for.  

2. Pilates – Benefits for Competitive, Amateur or Professional Athletes are:

Increased Core Strength
Improved Flexibility and Mobility

All core strength, flexibility and mobility will help you to prevent injury and therefore stay at the top of your game.

3. Why Small Group or One-to-One Personal Training

Small Group or Personal Training allows us to be much more specific and focus on your needs and objectives. This is only partially possibly in a group class with e.g. 8-12 class participants.

4. Your Initial Consultation:

We start with a fitness and postural assessment to identify weaknesses, strengths and discuss your objectives and goals. We talk about the “Why” you want to do this. We identify what having achieved your goals will allow you to do differently to your current situation. What are your real benefits.

5. Martins professional Fitness, Pilates and Health background:

I am assisting and helping various groups and individuals as personal trainer, fitness – Pilates and Kettelbell Instructor since autumn of 2002, having started with group fitness classes in various educational institutions and fitness centres e.g. Newtown Park School, Benildus Health and Fitness Club. Over the years I taught classes in various businesses e.g. Vodafone, The Equality Authority, BCM Hanby Wallace, Ulster Bank, Ericsson. Sport teams were another group with whom I worked together e.g. TCD Rowing Team, UCD Rowing Squad.
I’m managing Ulster Bank’s corporate gym in Leopardstown, Central Park since 2004, on a part-time basis and managed a fitness studio “Fitnecise Studios” in South Dublin, Churchtwon 2009-2015, before going back to focusing on Home – Personal Training and Small Group Training in summer 2015.  

Contact us at 086-1736720 or e-mail today with any further questions you might have or for your initial consultation.

Pay here-Pilates Fitness Exercise Classes In South Dublin Foxrock Deansgrange Dabinteely D14 D16 D18 Dublin 14 Dublin 16 Dublin 18

We design personalized programs afterwards. These programs focus on your chosen objectives and goals. The programs intensity will progress gradually to challenge your body so it has to adapt, allowing you to get slimmer, trimmer and fitter the healthy way.

You will learn how to do the movements and exercises in the most beneficial and safe way depending on your fitness level and objectives.

Around four years ago I started to work with individuals and got positive feedback (see  testimonials – coming soon). It is very rewarding if you can help clients, especially if they were initially in pain.

Yours in Health & Well Being

_Martin – Fitnecise Coaching