Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for In-Person *Pilates Classes & Core Strength April 2023*

Below information was relevant during various Covid-19 restrictions during the years 2021 and 2022. We will adhere to the relevant information given by the government and health authorities in 2023. At this point in time are “no” restrictions applicable, according to our understanding ( 26th December 2022 ).

We are restarting our In-Person Indoor Pilates and Fitness Classes early/mid September 2021.

During this unprecedented time, we and the local class venues aim to follow the Irish government and health authorities guidelines, in relation to Covid-19, as much as possible to ensure the safety and health of the venue employees, our instructors and our customers, the class participants.

This includes sticking to physical distancing guidelines, offering disinfecting hand gels or liquids in the class venues, regularly sanitising the class venues both before and after group classes or one-to-one coaching sessions. Feel free to wear a facemask when entered, leaving or during the group classes and to bring your own disinfecting gel or liquid.

(1) One the day or prior to the day of a group class:

If a class participant has experienced any of the following in the past 14 days, then we ask them **not to attend**:

  1. Temperature higher than 38 degrees
    AND / OR
  2. Symptoms of cough or shortness of breath
    AND one of
  3. Travel to another country of high transmission rate
  4. Been in contact with somebody experiencing respiratory symptoms in the past 14 days.

Individuals with an underlying health condition or individuals who have been cocooning should only attend group classes if the individual believes that the benefit of attending these group Pilates or fitness classes outweigh the risk of leaving home.

(2) On the day of the group class or one-to-one coaching session:

Class participants are asked to bring their own exercise mat (and a water bottle if needed), ideally a towel to remove possible sweat to reduce the possibility of transmission and to help speed up the disinfection process between group classes.
Class participants are asked to bring their own face mask, which they can wear during the class if they deem this to be relevant. If not, some community centre and parish centre may supply face masks.

(3) In the class venue (community centre, parish centre, sports hall, etc):

Class times between classes have been spread out so that no two groups of class participants should meet during changeover time.
This additional time allows the venue staff to disinfect all relevant surfaces in the class venue.

Please use hand sanitizer and wash your hands and arms before and after the class thoroughly.
Hand sanitiser gel is also available for class participants usage in the venue.
If possible please avoid using the toilet facilities in the clinic, unless urgent.

We accept the following forms of payment: Credit/Debit card on the website, Online Bank Transfer and cash.