**possible 2nd Class Wed Evening** Men Only Pilates Class in Dublin 18, Sandyford Wed 6.30pm, Wed 7.45pm or 8pm

Hi all,
I’m looking into options to streamline my teaching work and possibly merge classes. There is a currently a second Wednesday evening slot free in Sandyford Community Centre (same venue as the current Wednesday 6.30 pm class).

Which would mean I would teach (1) Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm and (2) Wednesday 7.45-8.45pm or 8-9pm in Sandyford Community Centre. I can’t teach the first Wednesday class earlier as the room is used until 6 pm. There is also a Tuesday 8.15-9.15pm class in Taney Parish Centre in Dundrum.

Would it suit some of you to attend a later class or could you switch to a later class on Wednesday in Sandyford Community Centre, or what time would you prefer? Please fill out the very short survey below.
I will also ask the guys from the current Tuesday 6 pm class re who would or could do a Wednesday evening class?
Please indicate your preferences via blow form, so I can make an informed decision whether or not to move and merge the classes or not.
Thank you, Martin

*Possible* 2nd later class Wednesday evening 7.45pm or 8pm:

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