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New Pilates Classes start 24th 25th June and 2nd 3rd July 2014 in South Dublin, D2 and D14

Pilates Classes – Courses in South Dublin start end June – early July 2014.

Elena and myself will commence our Summer Pilates and Fitness Class Timetable next week and the following week (week of Monday 23rd June and Monday 30th June 2014).

You might join one the following types of Pilates (small equipment i.e. Pilates Rings, Pilates Balls, Foam Rollers, Resistance Bands, small Hand Weights) and Fitness classes.

  1. Morning Pilates Classes – D14
  2. Evening Pilates Classes – D2 and D14
  3. Pilates – Beginners Level Classes – D2 and D14
  4. Pilates – Intermediate Level Classes – D2 and D14
  5. Pilates – Advanced Level Classes – D2 and D14
  6. Pilates – Men’s / Guy’s Only Classes for Core Strength – D14
  7. Pilates – Prenatal, Pregnancy Pilates Fitness Classes – D14
  8. Kettlebell Introduction – Basics Classes – D14
  9. Kettlebell Introduction – General Toning and Weight Loss Classes – D14
  10. Tai Chi Classes – D14
  11. Kids Kung Fu – D14
  12. Kids and Adults Capoeira Classes – D14

Find more about our South William Pilates Studio (Elena) and our Fitnecise Pilates Studio – Churchtown (Martin, Karen, Dagmara, Veronika, Barry, Yang, Mamao … I hope I didn’t forget any body).

Enjoy a fit and healthy summer.

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Pilates Classes in South Dublin – still places available call for more information!

Fitnecise - Pilates, Fitness, Weight Loos - Personal Training Studio in South Dublin, Ireland since 2002Our south Pilates – Fitness classes restarted early January 2013 and run throughout the year.

There are still places available for various fitness classes e.g.:

  1. Over 60s Pilates and Fitness Classes
    11am-12pm – Wednesday Over 60s Pilates, Thursday Over 60s Yoga
  2. Men Only Core Strength, Pilates Combination Classes
    8.30pm – Monday and Wednesday
  3. Morning Pilates Classes
    9.45am-10.45am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  4. Morning Toning and Weight Loss Classes
    also known as Legs, Bums, Tums
    9.45am-10.45am Monday and Friday
  5. Kids – Teenagers Capoeira (a mix of Martial Arts, Fitness, Dance, Acrobatics)
  6. Prenatal – Pregnancy Fitness Classes

Find a full Fitnecise – Fitness and Exercise Class Time Table for South Dublin on our Fitnecise partner website.

Fitnecise – Pilates Studio Section moved to Churchtown one week earlier 30th October 2012

New Fitnecise Studio opens a week early 30th October 2012 in 11 Braemor Road, Chruchtown Dublin 14Some of you might have been aware that we were on the move over the weekend. We moved our studio from Nutgrove Office Park to Churchtown Village, 11 Braemor Road – just above Howards Way Restaurant.

Our Pilates and other Fitness Classes in Churchtown will commence in the new venue tomorrow 30th October 2012.

We will introduce various other fitness, exercises classes and other health and well being related services over the coming weeks and months.
Check back in here on www.PilatesDublin.ie or Join – Like – us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/fitnecisestudio.

Let us know if you can think of any other type of class or therapy that you would like to see in our new Fitnecise Studio.

Yours in Fitness and Health

New Pilates Studio in Churchtown, South Dublin will open 5th November 2012

We are opening our – New – Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown – Dublin 14, 16 in South Dublin on Monday 5th November 2012.

New Pilates Studio - Fitnecise Studio in south Dublin, Chruchtown Opening Monday 5th November 2012

Additional classes like various Yoga styles will be introduced later this year. Early 2013 we are going to offer Kettelbell Classes and might introduce TRX classes as well, beside the already existing classes e.g. Pilates, Morning Fitness Classes, Circuit Training, Men Only Core – Strength – Pilates Classes, Legs – Bum Tums, Prenatal Fitness Classes etc.

Here a link to a few pictures of the new Fitnecise Studio, work in progress – the floor will be put in early/mid this week (Monday 22.10.2012).

New Pilates Classes re-start early March 2012 in Dublin City Centre and South Dublin

Pilates classes courses in south Co Dublin Ireland Studio Nutgrove Shopping Centre Rathfarnham -close Dundrum Leopardstown Sandyford Terenure Rathmines 2

Pilates classes courses in south Co Dublin Ireland Studio Nutgrove Shopping Centre Rathfarnham -close Dundrum Leopardstown Sandyford Terenure Rathmines 2

Our new Dublin based Pilates and Fitness classes start during the week of Monday 5th of March 2012.

Join our classes if you want to:
1. Tone Up – 2. Get Fitter – 3. Trimmer
4. Slimmer and boost your Energy Levels with our Pilates and Fitness Classes.

Classes take place in
___1. Dublin City Centre – Dublin 2 – South William Street
___2 South Dublin – Dublin 14, 16 – Fitnecise Studio – Nutgrove Office Park – Unit F1

We teach different morning, lunchtime and evening Pilates classes in above mentioned studio.

Pilates Classes Weekends – Saturdays in South Dublin – Ireland

We are now offering

Pilates Classes at the weekend – Saturday Mornings 11am-12pm in our Dublin based Pilates Studio – the current class level is Beginners,

but we will progress over the next few weeks and months gradually to Beginners Level 2 and Intermediate Pilates level.
Pilates Circles Rings Classes in South Dublin Ireland close to Rathfarnham Dundrum in Nutgrove Dublin 14 16Fitnecise Pilates Equipment Fitness Classes Courses in South Dublin Rathfarnham Nutgrove close to Dundrum Churchtown Terenure Leopardstown Sandyford
Pilates Fitness Classes and Courses in South Dublin Rathfarnham Nutgrove close to Dundrum Chruchtown Terenure Leopardstown Sandyford





There are 4 Saturday classes left before Christmas, we will finish on Saturday 17th December.

We use different equipment during our Pilates classes e.g.

  1. Pilates Rings also called Fit Circles
  2. Foam Rollers
  3. Gymsticks
  4. Resistance Bands, Resistance Tubes
  5. a BOSU Ball
  6. Gym Balls, Swiss Balls etc.

Morning Fitness Classes – Parking – Clampers are out and about – please watch out!

Car Clamping in Nutgrove Office Park South Dublin IrelandA quick note for all out daytime – morning fitness class customers – from this week onwards cars parked on double yellow lines within the Nutgrove Office Park will be clamped – fee is €100 😮 – this wasn’t enforced before at least not since we run the Fitnecise Studio here South Dublin, Dublin 14/16.

I saw the first car being clamped a few minutes ago in front of the studio.

There are sufficient parking places available in the Office Park at the moment – just park at any parking bay that has:

1. no silver sign – business name
2. “F1 – Fitnecise Coaching” on it.

Parking for the evening fitness classes will be ok as usual as most of the office workers have left and there a more than lots of parking spaces free.