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Video 9 – 3 *Posture Foam Roller Exercises, Back Spine Stretch, Shoulder Mobility, Chest Stretch

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In this Posture Video you are going to learn  three Posture Improvement Exercises >>> with a Foam Roller <<< that
(1) Stretch your Back and Spine out, (2) Mobilize and Loosen your shoulder area, (3) Stretch your chest out to prevent rounded shoulders.
Keep your core muscles, your TVA (Transverse Abdominis) slightly engaged throughout to make these exercises safer for your lower back. Always consult a GP / physician before starting a new exercises regime, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time on a regular basis.

(1) Foam Roller – Side Sway to Right & Left
( massages the area between your shoulder blades, stretches your chest out )
Lie flat on your foam roller, your feet are flat on the ground, your knees are bend. Make sure your mid and lower back stay reasonable close to the foam roller. Avoid overarching your lower back, lumbar spine, as this would put pressure on your back. Ensure that the back of your head is well supported, avoid dropping the head over the edge of the roller, as this would overstretch your neck.
Then simply sway one to two inches from side to side, to massage your mid back and either side of the spine. Most class participants find this exercise very relaxing. This will also help you to prevent rounded shoulders, bad posture, as your pectoral muscles, your chest gets stretched out as well. 
Sit w.

(2) Foam Roller – Full Body stretch – Back Stretch and Shoulder Mobility
( focuses on stretching your whole spine and back, increasing shoulder mobility, includes a chest stretch )
This a very simple yet effective exercise. Start in the same position as in exercise number one, then stretch and lengthen your legs away on the Pilates mat. It might be slightly challenging to keep your balance, which will activate your general core muscles a small bit. Aim to keep your mid and especially your lower back, reasonable close to the foam roller, avoid overarching your lower back. Reach with your hands towards the wall behind you, stretch as far as possible through your fingers away to increase the back and spine stretch. This will work on mobility of your shoulder area and stretches your chest out, preventing rounded shoulders >>> Posture Work ! 🙂
Hold for around 10 long, deep breaths and aim to lengthen further away each time you exhale.

(3) Shoulder Mobilizing with a Foam Roller
( focuses on shoulder mobility, posture improvement, a small chest stretch and a bit mid-back strength )
Another simple exercise to loosen and mobilize your shoulder area and improve your posture. Start in the same position as in exercise number one. Reach with your fingers towards the ceiling, let your palms face towards each other, straighten your arms nearly completely, keep your neck long and relaxed. Draw your shoulders down your back, away from your earlobes.
Breath in as you aim to lift / round your shoulder as much as possible off or away from the foam roller towards the ceiling, stretch your fingers as high as possible up towards the ceiling, while keeping the back of your head on the foam-roller. Breath out as you draw your shoulders back toward the ground, it is a bit like wrapping your shoulder blades around the foam roller, aim to keep your arms straight as you do this. Breath in as you restart. Repeat 10 times.
Same as above, just crisscross your arms in front of your chest to intensify the movement..
Let me know how you get on and e-mail or facebook me your questions, comments or feedback.
Thank you
_ Martin

Mens Pilates, Men Only Pilates in South Dublin, Sandyford Aiken’s Village Belarmine Ticknock Stepaside Leopardstown D14 D16 D18

Indoor, In-Person Group Classes will re-start during the week of Monday 20th September 2021.

Click >>> For Post-Restrictions/Covid-19 --- Updates --- on *local In-Person Classes* - Register here.

View a Mens Pilates Sample Program below.

> A *new* set of Men Only Pilates classes start during the week of Monday 7th March 2016. << Mens Pilates classes for men, taught by a man. 
I generally mix up the Mens Pilates and Core Strength Classes ( in the various South Dublin based venues ) in different ways to keep the classes interesting and motivating. This will give you ideas what you can do at home or as part of your own exercise and fitness routines.
Some class participants do three or four variations of exercises at the end of their own workouts, runs, resistance or weight training, or after a game of golf or tennis, or they incorporate it into their club training at the end of a ruby, GAA, or soccer training session.
This includes the use of various fitness and exercise props e.g.
(1) Foam Rollers
(2) Pilates Rings
(3) Resistance Bands
(4) Smalls Balls
(5) occasionally Swiss Balls or sometimes called Gym Balls

Pilates Exercises can be combined in Duos, Trios, or just done as an ongoing sequence. There are various ways of teaching and incorporating these Pilates and Core Strength moves into your general daily or weekly workout routine and other exercise programs.

Knowing is not enough; we mus apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.
                                                  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Pilates Sample Program for Men:
Exercises were picked in a way to maintain balance in the body, avoid overuse of one particular muscle group and therefore injuries. I see it over and over again that people work only on their abdominal, stomach muscles and neglect back strengthening and mobilizing exercises, which will ultimately lead to back trouble and possibly injuries.
(1) Warm-up: Various neck, shoulder, upper back, and spine mobilization, loosening and stretching exercises (these are generally good as most of us sit for hours in front of various screens and build up tension in the neck and shoulder area), sometimes a few simple body-weight moves e.g. squats, Pilates Push-ups, etc..
(2) Main Section:
These Core and Pilates exercises are generally done in sets of 10-12 moves.
(2.1) Shoulder Bridges
– to give the back and spine another good stretch before more core and abdominal exercises. This exercise is also good for glute activation.
(2.2) Single Legs Stretches – focus mainly on abdominal / core strength, rectus abdominis.
(2.3) Pilates Swimming or Superman – works on lower back strength and lengthens the back and spine at the same time, if done correctly, without putting pressure on the lumbar spine.
(2.4) Straight Arm Plank – mainly core / abdominal strength, plus a bit of upper body strength.
(2.5) Back extension – a mid and/or lower back strengthening exercise, depending on which version you do.
(2.6) Side Bends or Elbow Side Planks – another move to maintain balance in the body, it focuses mainly on the waist, the mid-riff also called obliques.  I generally recommend that you keep moving during this Pilates movement, to get more out of it.
(2.7) Roll-Up – an exercise that works on your straight abdominal muscles, a bit spine mobility/mobilization and adds in a very good hamstring/back of the leg stretch, all meaning is a great combination exercise (flexibility and mobility).
(2.8)  Check opening or Crocodile: a pure mobility and loosening exercise for your spine, mid and lower back. This exercise can stretch the neck muscles as well depending on how the exercise is done.
(3) Cool Down and Stretching:
We focus here on loosening and stretching the muscles we used during the Pilates and Core Strength exercises, of the main section. This will include a lot of back, neck, hip flexor and hamstring, etc. stretches.

Contact Martin with any questions you might have and or to book a class.

>> The *New* set of Mens Pilates and Core Conditioning Classes start: <<
[1] Tuesday 8th March 2016 6-7pm Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross, Dublin 18, D18
[2] Tuesday 8th March 2016 8.15-9.15pm Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14, D14, close to the LUAS Bridge.
[3] Wednesday 9th March 2016 6.30-7.30pm IrishFit Shop, Running.ie Shop, Sandyford Industrial Estate, 5min walk from the Stillorgan LUAS stop, a view minutes drive from Stillorgan Village.
Please contact Martin before paying online, to check class suitability and availability.
Class fees are €100 for 8 consecutive weeks (classes last for 1 hour), €14 Drop-in, Trial, or Pay-As-You-Go.

Happy Christmas to our Pilates Class Participatns in South Dublin

Happy Christmas to our Pilates Class Customers in our South Dublin StudiosI want to thank our class participants for joining our Pilates Classes and private Pilates lessons throughout 2012 and the previous years.


Myself and Elena look forward seeing you in January 2013 for the next set of Pilates and Fitness Classes in our Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown and South William Street, in Dublin 2.

We wish you “Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2012”

Yours in Health and Fitness

Martin Luschin

6 over 8 Summer Pilates Classes Deal Offer in South Dublin – Nutgrove Dundrum Churchtown Dublin 14 16 close to Rathgar, Rathmines

Fitnecise – Martin offers his usual “6 Over 8 Weeks – Pilates Classes Summer Deal” for June, July, August 2012.

in South Dublin – Nutgrove Rathfarnham Dublin 14 16, close to Terenure, Templeogue etc.

Pilates Classes in South Dublin Summer Deal 6 over 8 weeks Offer in Rathfarnham, Nutgrove, close to Dundrum, Leoaprdstown, BallinteerUse 6 Pilates Classes over an 8 to 9 week period.
• This allows to cater for you going on holidays or if you are other occupied.
• There is a maximum of 10 class participants
• Pilates/Yoga mats and various Pilates equipment (Pilates Rings,
_Balls, Foam Rollers, Resistance Bands, Gym Sticks etc.) are provided.
• €86 for 6 weeks.
• There won’t be any Pilates classes during the weeks of
_Monday 6th and 13th August 2012.
• This offer is valid for Martin’s evening Pilates classes on
_Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.
• Let me know if you are interested in a Monday evening
_6pm class, as I’m considering running an additional class then.
Bookings can be done on our our Fitnecise partner booking site.
_(opens new page)
• Find out Full Fitness and Exercise Class Time Table for our
South Dublin base Studio here, close to Dundrum, Leopardstown, Sandyford, Terenure, Rathmines, Rathgar, Churchtown, Bellarmine etc.

PreNatal Pilates – Prenatal Yoga Class Instructors needed for South Dublin based Pilates Studio

Pilates – Yoga Job – Vacancy:

Prenatal Maternity Pregnancy Pilates Yoga Classes in South Dublin Ireland close to Dundrum Rathfarnahm in NutgroveDo you have a Prenatal Pregnancy – Maternity Pilates or Yoga Instructor qualification and live or work in South Dublin?

We are looking for Prenatal Pilates or/and Yoga Instructors who will teach 6-8 week courses in our Fitnecise Studio.

Below a picture of our studio, it is based beside the Nutgrove Shopping Centre in the Nutgrove Office Park, behind the Fire Station, where the old Homebase used to be. It’s 3-4min drive from either Dundrum, Rathfarnham and close to Churchtown in Dublin 14,16.

It’s a quiet – tranquil place, no noisy aerobic studio in the background (like in some big commercial gyms), it’s a clean place where the participants can switch off from their hectic – fast daily life. Find more Pilates – Yoga studio pictures here.

Pilates classes courses in south Co Dublin Ireland Studio Nutgrove Shopping Centre Rathfarnham close Dundrum Leopardstown Sandyford Terenure Rathmines 2Please send us an e-mail with a brief CV, copies of relevant certificate(s) and your insurance policy if you are interested.

Thank you

 Kind Regards

New – 9.45am Monday Morning Pilates in South Dublin Starts 12th September

Our new “Monday Morning 9.45am Pilates Classes” start next week.

Here the details:
• The course runs for 8 weeks
• There is a max. of 8-10 participants per class
• Mats are provided (no hidden charge like some other studios do)
• Parking is Free
• Small equipment provided in Progression Pilates Classes
   e.g. Pilates Circles, Foam Rollers, Gymsticks, Dynabands, Resistance Bands,
   small Hand Weights, Gym Balls etc.
• Clean, tidy Pilates studio (not a scruffy sports hall or community hall).
• Professional and Insured Stott Pilates Instructor

Click here or on the picture below to see a few studio pictures.Pilates classes courses in south Co Dublin Ireland Studio Nutgrove Shopping Centre Rathfarnham -close Dundrum Leopardstown Sandyford Terenure Rathmines 2

New Pilates Classes in September 2011 in South Dublin

We are starting our next set of Pilates Classes during the week of Monday 5th September 2011.

You can now avail off a new Monday Morning Pilates Class 9.45am-10.45am (starting Monday 12th September 2011) in our Fitnecise Studio in South Dublin – Dublin 14 – 16.  This means there are going to be four Mid Morning Pilates Classes available to choose from.

We will post more information soon.