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Pilates in May, June 2014 in South Dublin – Churchtown D14 and Dublin City Centre D2

We are starting a new set of Pilates and other Fitness Classes i.e. Kettlebells, Mens Pilates & Core Conditioning early May 2014.

Our Pilates Classes take place in

  1. South William Studio
    Dublin 2 – City Centre, 28th South William Street:
    Classes are taught by Elena Kiernan and her colleagues and include:
    1.1. Beginners Pilates Classes
    1.2. Improvers Pilates Classes
    1.3. Intermediate Pilates Classes
  2. Fitnecise Studio
    South Dublin, Churchtown Village, Dublin 14 / Dublin 16:
    Classes are taught by Martin Luschin and his team Karen Watkins,
    and Dagmara Jerzak and include:
    2.1 Pilates:
    2.1.1. Beginner Pilates Classes
    2.1.2. Intermediate Pilates Classes
    2..1.3. Advanced Pilates Classes
    2.1.4. Prenatal – Pregnancy Pilates Classes
    2.1.5.. Mens / Men Only Pilates and Core Conditioning
    (I combine traditional Pilates exercises, gym-like core strength exercises and general mobility and flexibility work in those classes, as men seem to benefit more from this combination of exercises).
    2.2. Kettlebell Classes
    2.3. Yoga Classes
    2.4. Tai Chi Classes 

Join most classes any time !
Call Martin – Fitnecise Studios at 086-1736720

Yours in Health & Fitness
_ Martin Luschin


New Pilates Classes start 3rd 4th 5th March 2014 – South Dublin D2, Dublin 14, 16

New 8 week Pilates Courses re-start during the week of Monday 3rd of March 2014 on the 3rd, 4th and 5th March.

March April 2014 Pilates Classes in South Dublin Ireland, 28 South William Street Dublin 2, Churchtown Dublin 14/16, Leixlip - ArdloughClasses take place in three Pilates Class Venues:
1. Elena’s South William Street Studio, Dublin 2
2. Martin’s Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown Village – Dublin 14, Dublin 16
3. Karen Leixlip Community Centre, Ardlough Studio.

We provide a broad rang of Pilates and other Fitness Classes:
Pilates – in Dublin 2, Dublin 14 and Leixlip:
1. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Pilates
2. Men Only Pilates
3. One-to-One Pilates – Private Pilates Sessions
4. Prenatal – Maternity Pilates – (Fitnecise Studio – D14 only)
other Fitness Classes – Fitnecise Studio – D14 only:
1. Kettlebell Classes – morning and evening
2. Yoga Classes
3. Tai Chi for Health Classes
4. Kids Yoga Classes
5. Circuit Training Classes

Pilates Evening Classes – Karen will teach more classes !

Karen Watkins will start to teach evening Pilates Classes in Churchtown within the next one or two weeks, after working for nearly 3 years in our Fitnecise Studio and mainly teaching Morning Pilates Classes.

Intermediate - Progression Pilates with Karen Watkins in South Dublin - Churchtown D 14 close to Dundrum Rathfarnham Rathmines Templogue Marlay Park

Intermediate – Progression Pilates with Karen Watkins in South Dublin – Churchtown D 14 close to Dundrum Rathfarnham Rathmines Templogue Marlay Park

Pilates class participants like the challenges she offers and the novelty of exercises, that she creates with various Pilates equipment e.g. Foam Rollers, Pilates Rings, Resistance Bands, small Hand Weights etc, having an arts background – photography and film/movie production help for sure.

Her first evening classes will most likely take place on Wednesdays – 6pm Beginners Pilates and 7.15pm Intermediate Pilates – starting dates will be confirmed with in the next few days.

Call Martin at 086-1736720 for more information or bookings.

Autumn September Pilates Classes – re-starts on the 2nd 3rd 4th September 2013

I just talked to my colleague Elena and Karen and finalized the autumn Pilates and Fitness class timetables. 🙂

We are restarting our Pilates classes during the first week in September, the classes include the usual variety of Pilates levels and are taught by qualified and experienced instructors:

1. Fitnecise Studio – 11 Braemor Road – Churchtown Village – Dublin 14
There is a maximum of 8-10 participants per class, to provide individual attention.

  • Morning Pilates Classes – 9.45am-10.45am and 11am-12pm
  • Evening Pilates Beginners Classes
  • Evening Pilates Intermediate Classes
  • Evening Men Only – Pilates – Core Strength – Core Conditioning Classes
  • Small Equipment – based Pilates classes e.g. Pilates Rings – Pilates Balls – Pilates Weights etc.
  • Yoga Classes e.g. General Yoga with Edward and Yoga for Athletes with Nic.
  • Kids Yoga Classes will also start at the end of August 2012.
  • Call Martin at 086-1736720 for further information


Dublin Pilates Summer Classes in June July August 2013

Our Pilates classes in all three Pilates Studios will run throughout the summer 2013 June, July and August.

I will have to hear back from Elena and Karen to see if they take time off, you will find a new blog-post as soon as I hear back from them re their classes in 28 South William Street, Dublin City Centre and Karen’s classes in Leixlip Community Centre, Ardlough and the Kildare area.

You can avail of our Special Offer, our “Pilates Summer Flexi Pass” (Fitnecise Studio only), allowing to book 6-8 classes and use them up over the coming 10 weeks before the end of August 2013. This allows for times when you can’t make it to the classes e.g. due to holidays, work or other commitments. In September 2013 we are back to our normal 8 consecutive week schedule. Read more about our “Pilates Summer Flexi Pass” on our Fitnecise.ie websites. 

The Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown, South Dublin will close for two weeks Monday 29th July – Monday 12th August.


Pilates Classes in South Dublin – still places available call for more information!

Fitnecise - Pilates, Fitness, Weight Loos - Personal Training Studio in South Dublin, Ireland since 2002Our south Pilates – Fitness classes restarted early January 2013 and run throughout the year.

There are still places available for various fitness classes e.g.:

  1. Over 60s Pilates and Fitness Classes
    11am-12pm – Wednesday Over 60s Pilates, Thursday Over 60s Yoga
  2. Men Only Core Strength, Pilates Combination Classes
    8.30pm – Monday and Wednesday
  3. Morning Pilates Classes
    9.45am-10.45am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  4. Morning Toning and Weight Loss Classes
    also known as Legs, Bums, Tums
    9.45am-10.45am Monday and Friday
  5. Kids – Teenagers Capoeira (a mix of Martial Arts, Fitness, Dance, Acrobatics)
  6. Prenatal – Pregnancy Fitness Classes

Find a full Fitnecise – Fitness and Exercise Class Time Table for South Dublin on our Fitnecise partner website.

Happy Christmas to our Pilates Class Participatns in South Dublin

Happy Christmas to our Pilates Class Customers in our South Dublin StudiosI want to thank our class participants for joining our Pilates Classes and private Pilates lessons throughout 2012 and the previous years.


Myself and Elena look forward seeing you in January 2013 for the next set of Pilates and Fitness Classes in our Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown and South William Street, in Dublin 2.

We wish you “Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2012”

Yours in Health and Fitness

Martin Luschin

New Pilates Classes start Wednesday 7th November in South Dublin – Churchtown

A quick note – to let you know that we are re-starting our Wednesday Pilates and Fitness Classes in our new Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown, just above Howards Way Restaurant (the entrance is to the left of Howards Way).

The last set of Pilates Classes before Christmas (yes – we are already getting closer to that time of the year) will run for 7 weeks, up to Christmas week.

Classes commence:

1.  7th November – 6pm – Beginners Pilates Level

2. 7th November – 7.15pm – Intermediate to Advanced Pilates Level

3. 7th November – 8.30pm – Men Only Core Strength – Pilates – Flexibility Combination Class


All classes are open to all ages.  You should have done Pilates for a while before joining an progression Pilates or Intermediate / Advanced Pilates class.

Contact our Fitnecise  here for further information, to book your place or if you have any further questions.

Mens – Core Strength – Pilates Combo Classes start 23rd, 25th July in South Dublin

Mens Pilates and Core Strength Exericise Classes in South Dublin, Rathfarnahm Dundrum Marlay Park Chruchtown area with Martin Luschin Fitnecise CoachingMy last set of – Men Only – Pilates – Core Strength Combination Classes before September will start Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th July 2012 in the Fitnecise Studio in South Dublin – Nutgrove Office Park, Unit F1, Rathfarnham.

Classes take place 8.30pm-9.30pm and combine various general Core Strength Exercise and Pilates Exercises. You will be introduced to various small Gym and Pilates Equipment throughout the course.

Check our Fitnecise Studio and Outdoor Fitness Classes Time Table for South Dublin here.

Pilates – Fitness Classes to restart Week of Monday 9th July 2012

I’m going to start a new set of Pilates classes this week. Siobhan O’Reilly will also offer two Prenatal Pregnancy – Fitness and Exercise Class Workshop Combinations in the next few weeks in South Dublin, Dublin 14, 16 – Fitnecise Studio:Fitnecise Pilates Equipment Fitness Classes Courses in South Dublin Rathfarnham Nutgrove close to Dundrum Churchtown Terenure Leopardstown Sandyford

  1. Beginners Pilates – Wednesday 6pm-7pm – 11th July 2012
  2. Intermediate to Advanced Pilates – Wednesday 7.15pm-8.15pm – 11th July 2012
  3. Men Only Core Strength Pilates Flexibility Combo
    8.30pm-9.30pm Wednesday
    Full Fitness Exercise Class Time Table for our South Dublin based Fitnecise Studio:
  4. Prenatal Maternity – Fitness, Exercise ClassPrenatal Maternity Pregnancy Pilates Yoga Classes in South Dublin Ireland close to Dundrum Rathfarnahm in Nutgrove
    Workshop 14th July and 4th August
    Find more Prenatal Pregnancy Class – Workshop information here: