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Pilates – Fitness Classes to restart Week of Monday 9th July 2012

I’m going to start a new set of Pilates classes this week. Siobhan O’Reilly will also offer two Prenatal Pregnancy – Fitness and Exercise Class Workshop Combinations in the next few weeks in South Dublin, Dublin 14, 16 – Fitnecise Studio:Fitnecise Pilates Equipment Fitness Classes Courses in South Dublin Rathfarnham Nutgrove close to Dundrum Churchtown Terenure Leopardstown Sandyford

  1. Beginners Pilates – Wednesday 6pm-7pm – 11th July 2012
  2. Intermediate to Advanced Pilates – Wednesday 7.15pm-8.15pm – 11th July 2012
  3. Men Only Core Strength Pilates Flexibility Combo
    8.30pm-9.30pm Wednesday
    Full Fitness Exercise Class Time Table for our South Dublin based Fitnecise Studio:
  4. Prenatal Maternity – Fitness, Exercise ClassPrenatal Maternity Pregnancy Pilates Yoga Classes in South Dublin Ireland close to Dundrum Rathfarnahm in Nutgrove
    Workshop 14th July and 4th August
    Find more Prenatal Pregnancy Class – Workshop information here:


6 over 8 Summer Pilates Classes Deal Offer in South Dublin – Nutgrove Dundrum Churchtown Dublin 14 16 close to Rathgar, Rathmines

Fitnecise – Martin offers his usual “6 Over 8 Weeks – Pilates Classes Summer Deal” for June, July, August 2012.

in South Dublin – Nutgrove Rathfarnham Dublin 14 16, close to Terenure, Templeogue etc.

Pilates Classes in South Dublin Summer Deal 6 over 8 weeks Offer in Rathfarnham, Nutgrove, close to Dundrum, Leoaprdstown, BallinteerUse 6 Pilates Classes over an 8 to 9 week period.
• This allows to cater for you going on holidays or if you are other occupied.
• There is a maximum of 10 class participants
• Pilates/Yoga mats and various Pilates equipment (Pilates Rings,
_Balls, Foam Rollers, Resistance Bands, Gym Sticks etc.) are provided.
• €86 for 6 weeks.
• There won’t be any Pilates classes during the weeks of
_Monday 6th and 13th August 2012.
• This offer is valid for Martin’s evening Pilates classes on
_Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.
• Let me know if you are interested in a Monday evening
_6pm class, as I’m considering running an additional class then.
Bookings can be done on our our Fitnecise partner booking site.
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• Find out Full Fitness and Exercise Class Time Table for our
South Dublin base Studio here, close to Dundrum, Leopardstown, Sandyford, Terenure, Rathmines, Rathgar, Churchtown, Bellarmine etc.

South Dublin based Pilates Classes Re-Start late April – early May 2012

Elena and myself will start our next set of south Dublin based – Pilates Classes in:

  1. Fitnecise Studio – Dublin 14, 16, Rathfarnham ( Martin ) close to Dundrum, Sandyford, Templeogue, Terenure, Tallagth etc.
  2. South William Studio – Dublin 2, Dublin City Centre ( Elena )

We run various types of Pilates Classes – Sessions , e.g.Fitnecise Pilates Equipment Fitness Classes Courses in South Dublin Rathfarnham Nutgrove close to Dundrum Churchtown Terenure Leopardstown Sandyford

  • One-to-One Pilates – tailored to your individual needs for
    • Toning and Conditioning
    • Back Issues
    • Posture Improvement
    • Injury Recovery
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  • Group Pilates Classes
    • Private Small Groups
    • General – Public Group Classes
    • Sport Specific Core Strength – Pilates classes on demand for Sport Clubs. I worked with the UCD Ladies Rowing Squad and the TCD Mens Rowing Squad in the past.

Yours in Fitness & Health – Martin

Pilates for Men – Sample Exercises Video

Core Strength and Pilates Exercises for Men – Sample Exercises.

We do different variations of this exercise during our Men Only Combo Classes (Core Strength – Pilates – Flexibility).