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Video 5 – Pilates & Core Strength Combo 3x – Roll-Up – Side-Bend – Swimming / Super-Man/Woman

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In this Pilates Video you are going to learn three Pilates & Core Strength Exercise, that tone and strengthen your whole midsection or midriff.
Keep your core muscles, your TVA (Transverse Abdominis) slightly engaged throughout.

(1) Pilates Roll-Up
>> Focuses on straight abdominal muscles, your rectus abdominis)
This variation is for those who’s mid and lower back is ok, avoid if you have any lower or mid back issues. Aim to control the movement, slowly easy vertebrae by vertebrae onto the mat and  roll the back in the same way off the mat. Stretch the whole body out in between. Avoid any jerky or rushed moves, especially as you roll up.
(2) Pilates Side-Bend >> Focuses on toning and strengthening your waist, your sides or love-handles
This exercise is not for somebody with neck or shoulder issues. Place your elbow below your shoulder,  choose your leg and knee variation. Breath out as you lift your hip, breath in to lower your hip. Control the movement, slow it down a good bit to intensity the exercise.  You will ultimately benefit more from the exercise if you do it slower, plus you increase your body awareness as well.
(3) Pilates Swimming or Super-Man/Woman >> Focuses on mid & lower back strength, includes a small bit of a stretch for the whole back as well.
This exercise is generally very good for strengthening your lower back and simultaneously stretches your whole back, neck and spine out, if done correctly. Pay attention to keeping your chin tucked in, your neck long, stretch through one pair of limbs away as you breath out, breath in when switching over.
(1) Do a brief warm-up of 5-8min including some rotational moves for your neck, back, shoulders and your lower back or do some cardio exercises for 5-8min e.g. brisk walking.
(2) Do each exercise up to 10 times, assuming your back, neck, shoulders etc. agree with the movement and there is no pain. Do three sets of each exercise.
(3) Be aware how easy or challenging it is to roll-up or to lift the hip up (compare right and left for the Pilates Side-Bend – class participants often experience differences, as one side might be stronger than the other).
(4) I suggest to keep an exercise and activity diary, which will allow you recognize progress. Make a note of
(4.1) when you exercise time/date/duration,
(4.2) how many reps / sets you do,
(4.3) how the exercises are getting easier over time. Come up with a rating system.
I use a scale from 1 to 10 ( 1 = very very easy; 10 = extremely hard, nearly impossible).
Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions.

New June, July & August 2016 Pilates Classes in South Dublin, Dublin 14, D14 – Dublin 18, D18

A new set of 2016 Summer Pilates & Fitness Classes started this week in South Dublin, (1) Rathfarnham, Willbrook (Rathfarnham Pastoral Centre, off Willbrook Road) and (2) Sandyford, Leopardstown (Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross). Pilates Classes in South Dublin, Rathfarnham Village, Willbrook, Nutgrove, close to Marlay Park, Churchtown, Ballinteer





 Join Anytime !
 Beginners are Welcome !
13 Years teaching experience
Small Classes: 8-10 participants max.
Free Parking
(1) Pilates – Thursday 10am-11am – Mixed Level, Beginners to Intermediate.
Classes take place in Rathfarnham Pastoral Parish Centre, off Willbrook Road, Dublin 14, D14 

(2) Men Only Pilates – Wednesday 6.30pm-7.30pm – Mixed Level, Beginners to Intermediate.
Classes take place in Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, D18 

Contact Martin for more details and booking. 

Pilates in May, June 2014 in South Dublin – Churchtown D14 and Dublin City Centre D2

We are starting a new set of Pilates and other Fitness Classes i.e. Kettlebells, Mens Pilates & Core Conditioning early May 2014.

Our Pilates Classes take place in

  1. South William Studio
    Dublin 2 – City Centre, 28th South William Street:
    Classes are taught by Elena Kiernan and her colleagues and include:
    1.1. Beginners Pilates Classes
    1.2. Improvers Pilates Classes
    1.3. Intermediate Pilates Classes
  2. Fitnecise Studio
    South Dublin, Churchtown Village, Dublin 14 / Dublin 16:
    Classes are taught by Martin Luschin and his team Karen Watkins,
    and Dagmara Jerzak and include:
    2.1 Pilates:
    2.1.1. Beginner Pilates Classes
    2.1.2. Intermediate Pilates Classes
    2..1.3. Advanced Pilates Classes
    2.1.4. Prenatal – Pregnancy Pilates Classes
    2.1.5.. Mens / Men Only Pilates and Core Conditioning
    (I combine traditional Pilates exercises, gym-like core strength exercises and general mobility and flexibility work in those classes, as men seem to benefit more from this combination of exercises).
    2.2. Kettlebell Classes
    2.3. Yoga Classes
    2.4. Tai Chi Classes 

Join most classes any time !
Call Martin – Fitnecise Studios at 086-1736720

Yours in Health & Fitness
_ Martin Luschin


Happy Christmas to our Pilates Class Participatns in South Dublin

Happy Christmas to our Pilates Class Customers in our South Dublin StudiosI want to thank our class participants for joining our Pilates Classes and private Pilates lessons throughout 2012 and the previous years.


Myself and Elena look forward seeing you in January 2013 for the next set of Pilates and Fitness Classes in our Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown and South William Street, in Dublin 2.

We wish you “Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2012”

Yours in Health and Fitness

Martin Luschin

Video – Pilates Classes and Studio in South Dublin, Ireland

Here a quick video showing the Pilates Class set up in our Fitnecise Studio in South Dublin, Ireland. We run different fitness and exercise classes in the Rathfarnham, Nutgrove and Dundrum, Dublin 14, Dublin 16  area. Classes include:

1. Circuit Training Classes 2. Toning and Conditioning Classes 3. Pilates Classes – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level 4. Prenatal – Pregnancy Pilates (re-starting mid/late January 2012) 5. Men Only Core Strength – Pilates – Flexibility Combo Classes 6. Lunchtime Pilates (Tuesday’s at the moment) 7. Bootcamp Fitness Classes in Loreto Park – Dublin 14 across the road from Tesco’s / the old Nutgrove Shopping Centre 9. Personal Fitness Training 10. One to One, 1-2-1 Pilates Sessions – Lessons

Save €10 – Get a €20 Voucher with our Deals – Special Offers

Deals Special Offers for out Fitness, Exercise and Pilates Classes in South Dublin Rathfarnham Dublin 14, 16 close to Dundrum Terenure Ballinteer Churchtown Leopardstown Sandyford Rathmines
Deals Special Offers for our Fitness, Exercise and Pilates Classes in South Dublin Rathfarnham Dublin 14, 16 close to Dundrum Terenure Ballinteer Churchtown Leopardstown Sandyford Rathmines

You can now Save €10 or get a €20 Voucher with our Fitnecise Deals and Special offers – click on this text and find out more.

Fitnecise Studio in Rathfarnham only.

Promote your Pilates Classes on www. Pilates Dublin .ie

Advertising options are now available on www.PilatesDublin.ie for Pilates Instructors – Teachers and Pilates Studios in North and West Dublin. Our website has a Top 5 Google ranking for various Pilates related key word combinations  [20.08.11], this might vary from time to time.

Try it out, go to Google and search for e.g. “Pilates Dublin”, “Pilates West Dublin” or “Pilates City Centre Dublin”. 

Your contact details, classes, venues and website will be listed here.

Contact PilatesDublin.ie with any further questions you might have and for further information.

Pilates in Dublin City Centre

Pilates studio Dublin City Centre Dublin 2 Fitness Exercise Classes

Pilates studio Dublin City Centre Dublin 2 Fitness Exercise Classes

You will find now also our Dublin City Centre Pilates Classes – Core-Dero Pilates Classes on our new website.

Elena teaches Monday (lunchtime and evening) , Tuesday and Wednesday (evening) Pilates classes in Dublin 2, 28 South William Street, just a

You can choose between – Beginners, Mixed, Higher Level Pilates and Male / Men Only Pilates classes.

Find our full Dublin City Centre Pilates Class Time Table here.