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Video 9 – 3 *Posture Foam Roller Exercises, Back Spine Stretch, Shoulder Mobility, Chest Stretch

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In this Posture Video you are going to learn  three Posture Improvement Exercises >>> with a Foam Roller <<< that
(1) Stretch your Back and Spine out, (2) Mobilize and Loosen your shoulder area, (3) Stretch your chest out to prevent rounded shoulders.
Keep your core muscles, your TVA (Transverse Abdominis) slightly engaged throughout to make these exercises safer for your lower back. Always consult a GP / physician before starting a new exercises regime, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time on a regular basis.

(1) Foam Roller – Side Sway to Right & Left
( massages the area between your shoulder blades, stretches your chest out )
Lie flat on your foam roller, your feet are flat on the ground, your knees are bend. Make sure your mid and lower back stay reasonable close to the foam roller. Avoid overarching your lower back, lumbar spine, as this would put pressure on your back. Ensure that the back of your head is well supported, avoid dropping the head over the edge of the roller, as this would overstretch your neck.
Then simply sway one to two inches from side to side, to massage your mid back and either side of the spine. Most class participants find this exercise very relaxing. This will also help you to prevent rounded shoulders, bad posture, as your pectoral muscles, your chest gets stretched out as well. 
Sit w.

(2) Foam Roller – Full Body stretch – Back Stretch and Shoulder Mobility
( focuses on stretching your whole spine and back, increasing shoulder mobility, includes a chest stretch )
This a very simple yet effective exercise. Start in the same position as in exercise number one, then stretch and lengthen your legs away on the Pilates mat. It might be slightly challenging to keep your balance, which will activate your general core muscles a small bit. Aim to keep your mid and especially your lower back, reasonable close to the foam roller, avoid overarching your lower back. Reach with your hands towards the wall behind you, stretch as far as possible through your fingers away to increase the back and spine stretch. This will work on mobility of your shoulder area and stretches your chest out, preventing rounded shoulders >>> Posture Work ! 🙂
Hold for around 10 long, deep breaths and aim to lengthen further away each time you exhale.

(3) Shoulder Mobilizing with a Foam Roller
( focuses on shoulder mobility, posture improvement, a small chest stretch and a bit mid-back strength )
Another simple exercise to loosen and mobilize your shoulder area and improve your posture. Start in the same position as in exercise number one. Reach with your fingers towards the ceiling, let your palms face towards each other, straighten your arms nearly completely, keep your neck long and relaxed. Draw your shoulders down your back, away from your earlobes.
Breath in as you aim to lift / round your shoulder as much as possible off or away from the foam roller towards the ceiling, stretch your fingers as high as possible up towards the ceiling, while keeping the back of your head on the foam-roller. Breath out as you draw your shoulders back toward the ground, it is a bit like wrapping your shoulder blades around the foam roller, aim to keep your arms straight as you do this. Breath in as you restart. Repeat 10 times.
Same as above, just crisscross your arms in front of your chest to intensify the movement..
Let me know how you get on and e-mail or facebook me your questions, comments or feedback.
Thank you
_ Martin

New June, July & August 2016 Pilates Classes in South Dublin, Dublin 14, D14 – Dublin 18, D18

A new set of 2016 Summer Pilates & Fitness Classes started this week in South Dublin, (1) Rathfarnham, Willbrook (Rathfarnham Pastoral Centre, off Willbrook Road) and (2) Sandyford, Leopardstown (Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross). Pilates Classes in South Dublin, Rathfarnham Village, Willbrook, Nutgrove, close to Marlay Park, Churchtown, Ballinteer





 Join Anytime !
 Beginners are Welcome !
13 Years teaching experience
Small Classes: 8-10 participants max.
Free Parking
(1) Pilates – Thursday 10am-11am – Mixed Level, Beginners to Intermediate.
Classes take place in Rathfarnham Pastoral Parish Centre, off Willbrook Road, Dublin 14, D14 

(2) Men Only Pilates – Wednesday 6.30pm-7.30pm – Mixed Level, Beginners to Intermediate.
Classes take place in Sandyford Community Centre, Lambs Cross, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, D18 

Contact Martin for more details and booking. 

October 2015 – Pilates Class News ….

A brief update re current classes. I’m in the process of revamping this website and offering other Pilates instructors the opportunity to promote their Dublin based Pilates classes here as well.

My current classes include:

  1. Tuesday 6-7pm
    Men Only Pilates / Core Conditioning – Sandyford Community Centre, Dublin 18
  2. Tuesday 8.15-8.15pm
    Men Only Pilates / Core Conditioning – Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 16
  3. Wednesday 10am-11am
    Over 60s Pilates & Fitness – St. Mary’s Parish Centre, off Willbrook Road, close to The Yellow House pub, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
  4. Thursday 10am-11am
    Pilates Beginners to Mixed Level – Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club, Rathfarnham, beside Marlay Park, Dublin 16.
  5. Non-Pilates Classes:
    5.1. Tuesday 9.30am-10.30am – Morning Toning & Weight Loss Class, Foxrock Parish Centre, Dublin 18
    5.2. Tuesday 7.30am-8.15am – HIIT Toning & Conditioning Class, Central Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18
    5.3. Thursday 7.30am-8.15am – HIIT Toning & Conditioning Class, Central Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18

New Pilates Studio in Churchtown, South Dublin will open 5th November 2012

We are opening our – New – Fitnecise Studio in Churchtown – Dublin 14, 16 in South Dublin on Monday 5th November 2012.

New Pilates Studio - Fitnecise Studio in south Dublin, Chruchtown Opening Monday 5th November 2012

Additional classes like various Yoga styles will be introduced later this year. Early 2013 we are going to offer Kettelbell Classes and might introduce TRX classes as well, beside the already existing classes e.g. Pilates, Morning Fitness Classes, Circuit Training, Men Only Core – Strength – Pilates Classes, Legs – Bum Tums, Prenatal Fitness Classes etc.

Here a link to a few pictures of the new Fitnecise Studio, work in progress – the floor will be put in early/mid this week (Monday 22.10.2012).

Mens – Core Strength – Pilates Combo Classes start 23rd, 25th July in South Dublin

Mens Pilates and Core Strength Exericise Classes in South Dublin, Rathfarnahm Dundrum Marlay Park Chruchtown area with Martin Luschin Fitnecise CoachingMy last set of – Men Only – Pilates – Core Strength Combination Classes before September will start Monday 23rd and Wednesday 25th July 2012 in the Fitnecise Studio in South Dublin – Nutgrove Office Park, Unit F1, Rathfarnham.

Classes take place 8.30pm-9.30pm and combine various general Core Strength Exercise and Pilates Exercises. You will be introduced to various small Gym and Pilates Equipment throughout the course.

Check our Fitnecise Studio and Outdoor Fitness Classes Time Table for South Dublin here.

Plates Classes in November – December 2011 in South Dublin, Dublin City Centre and West Dublin

Find our up-dated Pilates and Fitness Class Time Tables for November and December in the relevant sections.

Pilates classes courses in south Co Dublin Ireland Studio Nutgrove Shopping Centre Rathfarnham close Dundrum Leopardstown Sandyford Terenure Rathmines 2
Pilates classes courses in south Co Dublin Ireland Studio Nutgrove Shopping Centre Rathfarnham close Dundrum Leopardstown Sandyford Terenure Rathmines 2

We are a team of three Pilates instructors who teach in the following areas:

  1. Pilates in South Dublin – Dublin 14/16
    • Martin Luschin – Fitnecise Studio
    • Nutgrove Office Park, beside Nutgrove Shopping Centre, behind the fire station where _the old Homebase used to be.
    • Morning – Lunchtime and Evening Pilates Classes
    • One-to-One Pilates – Private Pilates
  2. Pilates in Dublin City Centre – Dublin 2
    • Elena Cordero Kiernan
    • South William Stree, Dublin 2
    • 2-3mins walk from Stephens Green Shopping Centre and Grafton Street.
    • Lunchtime and Evening Pilates Classes
    • One-to-One Pilates – Private Pilates
     One-to-One Pilates – Private Pilates__
  3. Pilates in Ardclough Pilates Classes
    (close to Celbridge, Naas, Salons, Kildare Village)
    • Karen Watkins
    • Morning and Evening Pilates Classes
    • One-to-One Pilates – Private Pilates

New Pilates Classes in September 2011 in South Dublin

We are starting our next set of Pilates Classes during the week of Monday 5th September 2011.

You can now avail off a new Monday Morning Pilates Class 9.45am-10.45am (starting Monday 12th September 2011) in our Fitnecise Studio in South Dublin – Dublin 14 – 16.  This means there are going to be four Mid Morning Pilates Classes available to choose from.

We will post more information soon.