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Video 7 – Pilates Roll-Up Core Strength Exercise – Three Variations / Options

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In this Pilates Video you are going to learn three variations of an Pilates Exercise called the Roll-Up. The exercise focuses on your straight abdominal muscles / your rectus abdominis and a small bit on lower and mid back mobility.
Keep your core muscles, your TVA (Transverse Abdominis) slightly engaged throughout to make these exercises safer for your lower back. Always consult a GP / physician before starting a new exercises regime, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time on a regular basis.

(1) Pilates Roll-Up (option 1 – arms stretched out in front of you)
Sit with your legs straight stretched out in front of you and aim to straighten your back as much as possible, keep your shoulders and neck relaxed. Breath in to prepare, breath out as you tuck your tailbone under, draw your chin slightly in towards your chest and gradually easy vertebrae by vertebrae onto the mat. Aim for a slow and controlled movement, avoid any rushed or jerky moves to keep it safe for your back. Breath in as you reach cross over your body to lengthen your back and spine. Roll your back in the same controlled way off the mat as you breath out and reach away to your feet to incorporate a hamstring / back of your leg stretch. Repeat up to ten times. This exercise might not be for your if you have any back issues.
Sit w.
(2) Pilates Roll-Up (option 2 – arms crisscrossed in front of chest) 
Same as above, crisscross your arms in front of your chest to intensify the movement. Still stretch your whole body out as your hands and fingers reach away for a moment.
(3) Pilates Roll-Up (option 3 – arms / hands stretch away to the ceiling )
Same as above, stretch your arms / fingers away towards the ceiling, your palms are facing towards each other. This intensives the movement further and requires more control.
Same as above, just crisscross your arms in front of your chest to intensify the movement..
Let me know how you get on and e-mail or facebook me your questions, comments or feedback.
Thank you
_ Martin

October 2015 – Pilates Class News ….

A brief update re current classes. I’m in the process of revamping this website and offering other Pilates instructors the opportunity to promote their Dublin based Pilates classes here as well.

My current classes include:

  1. Tuesday 6-7pm
    Men Only Pilates / Core Conditioning – Sandyford Community Centre, Dublin 18
  2. Tuesday 8.15-8.15pm
    Men Only Pilates / Core Conditioning – Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 16
  3. Wednesday 10am-11am
    Over 60s Pilates & Fitness – St. Mary’s Parish Centre, off Willbrook Road, close to The Yellow House pub, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
  4. Thursday 10am-11am
    Pilates Beginners to Mixed Level – Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club, Rathfarnham, beside Marlay Park, Dublin 16.
  5. Non-Pilates Classes:
    5.1. Tuesday 9.30am-10.30am – Morning Toning & Weight Loss Class, Foxrock Parish Centre, Dublin 18
    5.2. Tuesday 7.30am-8.15am – HIIT Toning & Conditioning Class, Central Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18
    5.3. Thursday 7.30am-8.15am – HIIT Toning & Conditioning Class, Central Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18

Join our Pilates Classes – places available for 4th 5th 6th November 2013 in South Dublin D14 D16 D2 Leixlip Kildare

Pilates Classes in South Dublin Churchtown Village, Close to Dundrum Rathfarnham, Dublin 2, Dublin City Centre, Leixlip Community Centre, KildareThere are a few Pilates Class Places left for Martin’s, Karen’s and Elena’s classes that restart this week in the following Pilates studios:

Please call or e-mail the following Pilates Instructor or Pilates Teacher for more details:
1. South Dublin – Churchtown – D14/D16 

__ Martin 086-1736720 – Fitnecise Studios
__ Find a full class timetable here.

Pilates Classes still places available …..

Pilates Fitness Exercise Classes Time Table in South Dublin Ireland Nutgrove Dublin 14 16 Dundrum

Pilates Fitness Exercise Classes Time Table in South Dublin Ireland Nutgrove Dublin 14 16 Dundrum

There are still a few places available for our Pilates Fitness Classes in our Fitnecise – South Dublin Studio in Dublin 14 /16 and in our Dublin City Centre Pilates Studio, which start this and next week.

Call Elena 086-8101112 for Dublin City Centre Pilates Classes or Martin for 086-1736720 Rathfarnham, Nutgrove Pilates Classes. Here the links to the full time tables:

  1. Pilates Classes in South Co. Dublin – Time Table
  2. Pilates Classes in Dublin City Centre – Dublin 2 – Time Table

Promote your Pilates Classes on www. Pilates Dublin .ie

Advertising options are now available on www.PilatesDublin.ie for Pilates Instructors – Teachers and Pilates Studios in North and West Dublin. Our website has a Top 5 Google ranking for various Pilates related key word combinations  [20.08.11], this might vary from time to time.

Try it out, go to Google and search for e.g. “Pilates Dublin”, “Pilates West Dublin” or “Pilates City Centre Dublin”. 

Your contact details, classes, venues and website will be listed here.

Contact PilatesDublin.ie with any further questions you might have and for further information.